What We Do

We create elegant and user-friendly designs, which represent the enterprise promoted each time and at the same time convey the appropriate messages to the public. We apply the most recent technologies for website development, placing emphasis on easy use, appearance and speed. Our goal always is to offer the final user an enjoyable, unique surfing experience.

We develop beautiful and functional native mobile applications for the two most important platforms currently prevailing in the market, android an iOS.

We recognise the power of social media and utilise them to build up powerful brand names and to create marketing campaigns which aim at promoting the activities of each enterprise.

Our Team

Melissaridis Petros

Petros, has graduated from the department of Computer Science in University of Ioannina, Greece, with a Master's Degree in Applied Informatics, is an experienced computer programmer. He is head of the development of iOS applications and website development.

Antoniou Kostas

Kostas graduated from the Faculty of Informatics of theTechnological & Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece, with a degree in Informatics. He specialises in the development of mobile applications for the functional system android.

Mitakos Paris

Paris has a degree in Graphics Design from the Technological & Educational Institute of Athens, Greece (Faculty of Graphic Arts & Artistic Studies). His work and experience are in the fields of web design, mobile applications and visual communication as well as in printed graphic arts.

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